Say it Ain’t So

Welp, I’m usually not one for goodbyes but I’m afraid this is the last post.

But first I wanted to say thank you to any and all of you keeping up with this blog.  In the beginning, this blog was initially for class purposes only but I can’t lie, its grown on me.  Being able to express my thoughts and opinions (as wild as they may be) to an audience is actually really awesome.

I wanted to send you guys off with the Chapel St. 2013 Christmas Card.  This is the end of the semester so I thought it was only right to show you it at the end of this blog.



How to Survive the Playoffs

Now that we are in the second round of the playoffs here at Chapel Street, things are starting to heat up.  Last week Donny went into the second half of the Monday Night Football game with a solid 19 point lead over Brian and Brian had Matt Forte as his last-ditch effort to come back and win.  Little did both of them know but Forte would turn on the after-burners in the second-half to give Brian the win.

Things haven’t been looking up for some of the boys here.  Here’s how our league is looking.  The team names might not be suitable for all readers, so don’t say I never warned you. Continue reading

It’s Out of Our Hands

When you’re in the playoffs for a Fantasy Football league, the way you go about setting up your roster changes significantly than what you usually will do during the regular season.  Each move you make has a significant impact on whether or not you have a shot at winning the whole league.  If you start one guy over someone else, it could make or break your chances.  If someone miraculously gets hurt in a freak accident, and you have him starting, you can pretty much chalk that up as a loss.  Also, weather has an impact too.  It’s something that you can’t control but if you do your homework prior to game time, you might have a shot at replacing him with someone else who is playing in some sun.

All of these outside forces have a great impact on how a league rounds out its season.  This past NFL Sunday was especially tough for some of the boys on Chapel Street.

Continue reading

Wanna See What It’s Really like?


Living the life of a Fantasy Football owner has plenty of its ups and downs, and nothing portrays that sense of excitement and disaster like the show The League.  Between the little innuendoes they talk about and all the hints that happen inn our league, the show is like looking into a mirror.  Great cast, everyone is hilarious.  Check it out on FX or FXX!

Time for a Brief Recap

It’s week 11 here at chapel street.  Things are still going well, the squids upstairs are still riding my coattails into the playoffs, O’Malley is still getting lucky on random sleeper picks even though he still isn’t going to make the playoffs, and the commish handed my butt to me on a silver platter last week.  I’m still the stud of the league don’t get me wrong.  I’ve managed to put up some decent numbers the entire season even with bye weeks and a couple risky gambles here and there.

My boys are pulling through!

Here’s how the old squad is looking this year:

roster new

Jason Witten, what a stud all season.  On a Bye Week, not a huge problem except for the fact that I had no backup TE.  I don’t know if I just didn’t think about it on draft day or what, but anyways, I scooped up Martellus Bennett from free agency and I think he’ll get the job done for me.

Other than that little hiccup in my roster I think I’m looking pretty good heading into the playoffs, god forbid my players get injured.

*Just a sidenote, This was originally supposed to be a paid league but I think some people are gonna fairy out.  I mean I’m a broke college student but I’ve got a shot at winning this thing.  And you can bet your bottom dollar that if I win I’ll be celeing hard with the boys!

Till next post…